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Jessica Fairhurst

Playing   Sarah Metcalfe jr

My name is Jessica Fairhurst, I live in Wigan with my mum,
Step dad & three brothers. I am 15 years old, & attend
Rose Bridege High School but will be leaving next year, I plan
To go into further education where I am thinking about studying
Performing Arts & Textiles. At school I am studying Performing
Arts as my main pathway for my final exam, we are doing High
School Musical, I play the role as Susan, a thespian.

I have been interested in performing ever since I started High
School, in year seven when drama was put onto my timetable,
Ever since then I have thoroughly enjoyed acting, singing & dancing.
In the past I have been involved in several productions including,
Oliver & Bugsy Malone.

I have also participated in pantomime, Babes in the Wood, a couple
Of years ago which I really enjoyed & found good to get experience
In the performing industry.

In the film Stan’s Childhood, I am playing the part of Sarah Metcalfe jr.
I am looking forward to gaining more experience in the acting industry
But also maybe coming to a decision on career choice for the future.

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